Football is back!

Football is Back!

Athletes have benefited from chiropractic care for decades but recently we have seen a rise in media coverage.

Athletes of all types seek chiropractic care as a drug-free way to enhance performance, improve health, and prevent future injury.

Ph.D. Exercise Physiologist Sean Atkins estimates that “at least 90% of world class athletes use Chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries and to improve their performance.”

In fact, 31 of the 32 NFL teams use chiropractic in an official capacity.

And the 32nd is the Browns.

Just kidding, I was unable to verify that.

But its possible.

Joking aside, why is chiropractic so highly utilized by athletes?

Chiropractic improves reflexes and reaction time, giving athletes that extra edge over their competition.

Chiropractic also improves performance and motor control, so our bodies can do more and get injured less.

Maybe the best benefit of chiropractic is that it improves recovery, which means more time training, and back to activity sooner after injury.

I could use this space to list off dozens, if not hundreds, of today’s well known athletes that utilize chiropractic care, but it would be more time efficient to list the ones who don’t.

Instead lets talk about what chiropractors even do and why athletes get such profound benefits uniquely from chiropractic.

The science of Chiropractic is founded on the premise that a proper nerve supply is essential to controlling and regulating the functioning of the human body.

The central nervous system controls every activity in the body by sending and receiving nerve messages and is protected by the bones of the spine called vertebrae.

When the spine is in its optimal structural position, the nerves are protected and optimal communication exists between the central nervous system and the rest of the body.

The vertebra of the spine is susceptible to certain stresses and forces, which can cause them to lose their proper structural position.

These minor misalignments of the spine referred, to as “subluxations,” cause nerve interference and weaken the entire structure of the spine.

Athletic activity can often jar and misalign the spinal column, because the spine is at the center of the body.

Impact to the legs, feet, head, shoulders and torso often radiates to the spine.

Doctors of Chiropractic detect and correct vertebral subluxations by physically adjusting the spine.

This restores the spine and nervous system to a more optimal level of function, which maximizes the body’s performance and healing potential.

Anyone who engages in athletics can benefit from regular Chiropractic checkups to ensure that their spine is balanced and free from structural stress and subluxations.

When the spinal column is brought into balance and alignment, the body’s nervous system and body biomechanics (posture) are maximized.

Amateur or professional, youth athlete or weekend warrior, improve your performance and preserve your body with gentle and scientific chiropractic care.

Credit: Kieth Wassung “The Winning Edge”

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