A Specific Spinal Adjustment is the Latest Development in the Science of Treating Drug Addiction

You may not have seen ABC7 ‘s recent story highlighting specific spinal adjustments and their application with patients struggling with addiction.

We came across the story recently and couldn’t wait to share!

The study did a great job of describing how specific chiropractic work in the upper cervical spine can being the entire body into balance and improved function, starting with the brain.

Chances are we all no somebody that has dealt with addiction in some form or another, they may be happy to know that chiropractic can help them in their search for solutions.

You can find the article HERE, be sure to tell us what you think!

I wanted to share a few quotes from the story:

“Clinical research findings have shown that patients in treatment from addiction who receive certain types of spinal adjustments have higher rates of recovery than those who undergo only standard addiction therapies”

“Not only can spinal adjustments reduce the chronic pain issues that may have led patients into drug addiction in the first place, but now we also have evidence that spinal adjustments actually accelerates the healing of the brain from addiction.”

“[Results include] less drug cravings and fewer mental health symptoms,” Dr. Surasky notes. “Most significantly, 100 percent of the study patients who received chiropractic care completed the inpatient program, while about half of those who did not receive spinal adjustments dropped out prior to completion.”

“The atlas bone (C1) at the top of the neck is what protects the limbic system and brain stem. When this Atlas bone of the neck is out of alignment it can have far reaching effects on the function of the brain and its limbic system. Safe, painless adjustments to the upper cervical spinal bones can help normalize the brain’s limbic system.”

We thought this article was particularly cool since we at Pascal Chiropractic also apply specific upper-cervical chiropractic, with safe and gentle adjustments people rarely even feel.

They sure feel the effects though!

From overall ease to mood improvement to better sleep, these all help not only those recovering from addiction but can add value to even the healthiest person’s life.

As always, please let us know if we can put you in contact with an awesome chiropractor in your area!


Even though the article says specific spinal adjusting is the latest development in addressing addiction, this actually is not as new as one may think.

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