Chiropractic as an Alternative

Often times Chiropractic gets placed into this over arching category called complementary and alternative medicine.

Also grouped into this category are approaches like acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage, herbal remedies, diet, nutrition, physical therapy and the list goes on.

This is a huge misrepresentation of Chiropractic as a profession.

Alternative implies a different approach with the same result.

Chiropractic is not an alternative.

Medicine aims to diagnose and treat disease.

Chiropractic is not medicine and has no such claims.

Chiropractic has no concern with covering up symptoms with treatments or therapies.

Chiropractors adjust the cause.

This is not to say that with chiropractic care pain does not get better and that conditions do not resolve, because many times this does occur.

Chiropractors, rather than attempting to cover up or alleviate a symptom or sign, ask “why?”

Why is this symptom present?

Why is the body displaying dysfunction?

Why has the body grown into a disease or condition?

For the answer, chiropractors look to the master system of the body.

That system which controls all other functions of all other structures in the body.

The system that when properly functioning allows one to express life to their fullest potential, and when dysfunctional can place enormous burdens upon an individual’s body.

This system I’m referring to is the nervous system.

The brain and the spinal cord are our most vital organs of the body, hence their encasement inside the spine and skull.

Through their influence and regulation, all other functions of the body take place. From the cardiovascular system to the gastrointestinal tract, all systems, organs, muscles, glands, tissues and cells receive their directions from the nervous system.

When the nervous system is functioning free of interference, regulatory impulses are able to leave the brain and reach their target tissue uninterrupted, and impulses are able to travel from the tissues back to the brain carrying information about the body and its environment.

With this information the brain decides the best adaptation to make in order for the body to stay alive for the immediate future.

When these signals are interrupted, interfered with, or altered, normal function cannot take place.

This is not a belief or a theory, this is a scientific fact.

Organs, muscles, tissues, and glands require constant communication with the brain and spinal cord in order to maintain proper function.

Organs supplied by nerves whose signal has been compromised show immediate functional disturbances.

We call this this dis-ease.

If these altered signals are not restored to their proper uninterrupted state this organ that started out with a functional disturbance will then develop structural changes.

This is called pathology or disease.

Chiropractors are the only professional that is highly trained and specialized to detect and correct the cause of this neurologic interference affecting the normal function of the body.

Chiropractic not about spinal pain, or aching muscles.

It’s not about diagnosing or treating any condition or disease.

It’s about restoring proper neurological function so the body return to a normal equilibrium.

With a nervous system properly functioning free of interference the body may return to a state of ease.

The body is able to adapt properly to its environment and the physical, chemical, and mental stressors that life provides.

The body is able to create new healthy cells and heal itself as it was designed to do.

There is no alternative to chiropractic because there is no alternate profession that aims to detect that interference to proper neurological function.

Just like there is no alternative to a healthy diet or regular exercise.

Yes these things may be complementary to each other but they are not alternatives.

Symptoms expressed by the body are often due to dysfunction.

If we were to merely treat or cover up the symptoms in most cases the cause of that symptom would be overlooked.

A very simple example of this would be headaches.

While there are common causes of headaches like dehydration, caffeine withdrawal or toxicity, the majority of primary headaches are caused from dysfunction in the cervical spine in the surrounding tissues.

If we were to take drugs to cover up the symptoms of a headache without ruling out dysfunction in the cervical spine as a potential cause, the headaches will continue to return because we have not identified why.

Due to the dynamic mobility of the spine and its relationship with the nervous system, the spine is often the location for this nerve interference.

Through the scientific analysis and adjustment of spinal misalignment’s causing nerve interference, called a vertebral subluxation, chiropractic addresses the cause of dis-ease in the body.

It’s not about cracking joints for pain relief, it’s about restoring proper function for the expression of life’s potential.

The integrity of our nervous system is directly proportional to the quality of our lives.

In order to develop properly from infancy and age gracefully in our later years, we require a properly functioning nervous system.

Do yourself a favor and go get checked by a chiropractor.

Take your family.

Tell your friends.

It just may change your lives.

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