Finding Balance

Life can be viewed a constant attempt to achieve balance.

Work with leisure.

Career with family.

Friends with responsibility.

Joy with sadness.

Stress with recovery.

Mental with physical.

One’s self with everybody else.

Yin with the yang.

And all of it with each other.

The goal isn’t necessarily to immerse ourselves into each pole all the time, but there should be comparable ebbs and flows between them.

Balance keeps us centered and grounded.

But maintaining this balance can be easier said than done.

In the modern world, it’s easy to get caught up taking care of everyone and everything else instead of taking care of ourselves.

This may be alright short term but in the long term, we know this is not sustainable, something has to give or things will break down.

The body has its own mechanisms for finding balance.

The body is constantly regulating countless functions in order to keep us in the balance of life.

Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, body temperature, metabolism, digestion, stress, healing, and many more are all in this list.

Balance in the human body is called homeostasis.

It means that the body’s reaction matches the present conditions.

When it’s cold, the body shivers to increase basal temperature.

When we eat, the body release digestive enzymes and moves food we ate along the GI tract.

When it’s time to exercise or compete, the body releases hormones to get the heart pumping harder and faster and dilates vessels to get more blood to the muscles.


The internal functional response of the body should meet the current demands of the internal and external environment.

This doesn’t happen by magic, there is a center in the brain called the hypothalamus and it is the conductor in charge of this symphony orchestra.

Through nerve impulses and hormonal signals, the hypothalamus runs the show.

Just as important as the information going out from the hypothalamus, is the information coming in.

The brain must first interpret the conditions in and around the body in order for the adaptive decisions to be accurate.

This information comes to the brain for processing over trillions of nerve cells.

Nerve cells that travel the entire distance from the top of our head to the bottom of our toes, relaying information in a fraction of a second.

If the brain receives accurate information, it has the potential to make the proper adaptation to keep life in balance.

The signals can however be altered and the body can be pulled out of homeostasis.

How many people do you know are on medication for high blood pressure?

Low thyroid?


These are all issues in the regulation of balance.

While medications are effective at addressing the sign or symptom of imbalance, they do not address the cause.

We already established that the nervous system through the brain and hypothalamus is the master system in charge of homeostatic balance, so why not go to the source?

Traditional, neurologically-based Chiropractic restores that balance and proper signaling to the nervous system, giving the body the potential for homeostasis by addressing the cause of dysfunction and putting he body in a position to self-correct and heal as it was designed to do.

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