Heart Rate What?

The Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research just released another study, lets talk about the technology that was the focus!

Heart rate variability! (HRV)

HRV is a great tool that chiropractors like us at Pascal Chiropractic use in their office every day in the scientific analysis of the nervous system.

HRV is different from heart rate.

Heart rate is an average measurement most often given in beats per minute.

Heart rate variability measures the differences in time between heartbeats and the adaptability of the body.

Essentially, testing changes in intervals between beats during a series of breathing exercises along with lying sitting and standing tells us exactly how functional and adaptable the body is to stress.

It is the automatic portion of the nervous system (Autonomic nervous system) that is responsible for shifting between states of responding to stress and restful healing.

We cannot stress out and heal at the same time so it is important to ensure our bodies can efficiently make this transition so that healing can occur, otherwise chiros are just cracking backs!

Greater heart rate variability means of the body is more able to shift between stress and healing.

Poor heart rate variability isn’t specific for any one condition but suggests that we are predisposed to developing illness at some point in our life because our body is not adapting well or managing stress properly.

HRV is a great baseline and progress measuring tool to monitor our patients healing.

Usually not taken every visit, heart rate variability will be measured at initial evaluations and subsequent progress reports to gain insight on the state of the nervous system.

It’s thought that it is Chiropractic‘s ability to restore normal balance to the nervous system is the mechanism for the improvements and HRV that the research shows us in people undergoing chiropractic care.

This is vital information because if the body is not able to shift into a restful healing state is doubtful that the patients will get the results that they desire and that the doctor expects and experiences.

Other things that have a significant effect on heart rate variability would be lifestyle choices, sleeping patterns, exercise habits, diet, and the like.

People that have poor HRV may already be diagnosed with a condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, or they may not.

They may have trouble falling or staying asleep or sleep all night and never wake up feeling rested.

These people need to make lifestyle changes along with seeking chiropractic care to improve their health, avoid their condition worsening and lower chances of developing more health problems.

How we feel is not necessarily a good indication of how the body is functioning, so its important to use objective measurements.

Go get checked by your local neurologic chiropractor and take control of your health and wellness.

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