How NOT to Catch the Coronavirus

How NOT to Catch the Coronavirus

Did you know the most important factor in whether or not you will get sick from any little germ is how capable your body is a fighting off invaders?

Its all about the strength of your immune system.
Here’s a few ways we can be sure to strengthen our body’s ability to mount an immune defense instead of weakening it:

Eat a healthy diet. Make sure your body never lacks the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients needed for optimal health. Get adequate rest. Don’t stay up late or rely on sugar, tobacco, coffee and energy drinks. Stay hydrated. Improve the effectiveness of your natural defense mechanisms by drinking adequate water. Exercise. Improve the efficiency of your lymphatic system, which depends on movement to circulate this vital germ-fighting fluid (lymph). Wash your hands. Don’t use your dirty hands and fingers to rub your eyes, pick your nose or wipe your lips. Avoid negative thoughts. Don’t worry that you’ll be a victim. Closely monitoring news reports about outbreaks and fear around a pandemic will increase your stress and weaken your immunity. Never skip your chiropractic adjustments. A fully functioning nervous system, the master system that controls your entire body, plays a large role in immmunity. If you want to avoid catching a bug, or think you may be coming down with something, be sure to get checked by your chiropractor. The only way to catch anything is to make yourself a hospitable host.

Thanks to William Esteb and his Monday Morning Motivationals for the great tips! We just had to pass them on to you!

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