How to Dodge the Cold and Flu Season

It is that time of year again where we know of someone, maybe even ourselves, battling a cold or flu. So many people push their bodies to its limits during the holiday season, which makes you more prone to getting a cold or flu. You can refer back to our blog titled “Flu season and vitamin D” posted in the blog section to learn more about what the flu is and how vitamin D can help your immune system.

Besides getting enough vitamin D during this season, getting regular chiropractic care can boost your immune system to help you fight your flu or even dodge it all together. All of our patients know that chiropractic isn’t just for neck and back pain, but there are so many benefits to getting checked and adjusted regularly. Our immune system is directly connected to the spine. When the spine is not aligned, there is no way for the brain to communicate with the body and its nervous system. Going to see a chiropractor can help keep your brain in great communication with your body.

Other things that can help you overcome the flu and cold include: 

Keeping yourself hydrated. Making sure that you have enough water throughout the day can help boost your immune system function to help you fight off the flu/cold. It also helps keep the nose and throat moist and helps loosen up mucus buildup.  

Elderberry use. Elderberry has been used as an herbal remedy for the flu and colds for a very long time. Colds and flus are viral and studies have show elderberry to have anti-viral properties to defend the virus and boost the body’s immune response.  

Make sure to get enough sleep. Sleep is crucial to preventing the flu. Getting 7-8 hours a night of restful sleep gives your body enough time to recover from what you did to it during the day. Without that sleep, your body doesn’t have the energy to recover.  

Ditch the cigarettes and alcohol. Both of those things do no good to the body and can actually make you more prone to getting a cold or flu this season. 

We hope that all of you are well adjusted and follow the other items to dodge that flu/cold season this year. 

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