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In last weeks blog, we wanted to discuss why chiropractic is about so much more than spinal pain. If you aren’t caught up, it may be a good idea to skim over the short read as it leads us to this weeks topic: “If chiropractic isn’t about pain, then why should I see the chiropractor?”

People do see chiropractors for acute or chronic pain. Research has shown chiropractic patients not only recover from acute episodes of pain but are also less likely to experience chronic flare ups long term. Using chiropractic for pain may be effective, but one can get so much more out of the care!

Patients also seek chiropractic for athletic performance. Whether it be the elite athlete or the weekend warrior, many swear by regular chiropractic visits to ensure their body is moving, functioning, and communicating at its best. Not only do athletes under chiropractic care show better reaction times, motor control, and power output, but they also get injured less, and if they do get injured, they recover faster. This helps keep active patients in the activities they love rather than nursing wounds.

Many seek chiropractic care for prevention. These patients understand the relationship between a healthy spine and a healthy body as we go through life. These patients know that although we may feel great, that does not necessarily mean the body is functioning optimally. The body needs constant feedback about its internal and external environment in order to make the proper adaptations. The body relies on the communication of the nervous system to do this. When we have spinal dysfunction, this can interfere with or alter the signals transmitted along the nerves. With improper communication the body cannot function as it was designed to and we have dis-ease. Depending on the tissues supplied by that nerve, one could eventually grow into a long list of conditions, far too many to list them all here. Chiropractors focus on restoring proper communication in the nervous system so the body can function at its best.

Studies have shown chiropractic also helps with focus and concentration, and that adjustments directly effect the function of the brain. Many patients seek care to keep their mind sharp, fight brain fog and maintain focus. It is very common that kids in school experience significant improvement in performance and GPA!

We often get calls into our office for patients to be seen when they are sick. These patients know about the connection between their nervous system and their immune system. The nervous system helps mobilize many of the immune cells in our body as well as helps them identify the target invaders. Without a properly functioning nervous system, we cannot have an immune system working at its highest capacity.

Due to the relationship between the nervous system and endocrine system, many patients seek chiropractic care to support normal hormone balance. The hypothalamus in the brain is the neurologic connection to our hormones and is responsible for maintaining constant balance in the body in response to stress, activity, and our environment. The hypothalamus relies on the feedback cycles mentioned earlier, often carried by nerve transmission to regulate and maintain this balance. Altered nerve function means abnormal signals means abnormal balance. It’s that simple. Low thyroid function, blood pressure regulation problems, sleep problems are all issues we see our patients get relief from on a regular basis.

Pregnant moms and new moms and their babies very commonly seek chiropractic care. Often times it is just to make sure that all is functioning well and that the baby is developing as he or she should be. Sometimes it is for aches and pains the mother has before or after birth. Very often for babies that have trouble latching, constipation or diarrhea, colic, or ear infections, chiropractic is exactly what was needed to get them back on the right track developmentally.

So this brings us back around to the question at hand: “Why should I see a chiropractor?!”

You should see a chiropractor if you want: to function better, to feel better, to sleep better, to think clearer, to perform higher at work, sport or play, to recover faster, to handle stress with more grace, to digest and absorb more efficiently, to have a strong immune system, to avoid disease, not to be limited by your body, to be healthier, to live your best life.

As always, our blog posts are meant to be conversational with the average person, not necessarily health professionals. If you have questions, concerns, would like to request sources and research, or just further the conversation, please do not hesitste to reach out to Drs. Pascal

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