Not to See is to Guess!

Not to see is to guess!

When a dentist evaluate teeth, it’s not just symptoms, look and feel.

Most of the time they take X-rays in order to see the structures on the inside as well.

This is because X-rays give the doctor information they cannot obtain otherwise.

This helps them catch things they would might miss and helps them in their clinical decision making going forward.

It also ensures they are working on the correct tooth and allows them to track progress and efficacy of treatment.

When chiropractors X-ray the spine it is for similar reasons as when a dentist X-rays the teeth.

Chiropractors are less concerned with the actual bones and discs in the spine and more concerned with what those bones are designed to house and protect, the nervous system.

The nervous system is the lifeline from the brain to the body.

Regulatory signals are constantly sent between the brain and the body in order to maintain normal function.

When the bones of the spine become misaligned and fixated, they may stretch or compress the delicate nerves of the body, altering their signals.

Like a violin’s string out of tune, the nerve is no longer playing the right note.

When this happens in the body, dysfunction occurs and the ability to adapt to stress can be compromised.

Eventually the body can break down to stress and grow into illness.

This is why we must care for our spine and nervous system.

The best way to do that is by seeking the only heath professional trained to detect and correct interruptions to proper function in the nervous system, a doctor of chiropractic.

Taking X-rays helps the chiropractor not only locate the exact level of the spine contributing to health issues, but also determine the exact direction in which the segment is misaligned so that it can be gently adjusted back into place as specifically as possible.

X-rays also help the doctor make sure it is safe to adjust an individuals spine.

Everyone’s body is unique, and we may develop differences in our spine from childhood or trauma that should be be adjusted carefully or not at all, without X-rays, we wouldn’t know either way.

X-rays also help doctors of chiropractic find issues in peoples’ bodies unrelated to spinal health and alignment.

Fractures, gall bladder or kidney stones, extra or missing bones, and even cancers are found all the time on X-rays when they weren’t even the primary reason for taking the films initially.

Many people ask, are X-rays safe?

There is radiation involved.

Sources say a series of X-rays deliver less radiation than an average plane flight.

Other sources say an X-ray series equates to about the same level of “background” radiation one would be exposed to over a normal ten day period.

Weighing the risks with the benefits, there is no question that spinal X-rays taken by the chiropractor are absolutely worth it.

The information and peace of mind they deliver far outweighs the slim risk that comes with exposure, especially when taken infrequently as they usually are.

Make sure your doctor of chiropractic is using X-rays so you are getting the best care possible.

Your health is way too important for guesswork.

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