Rising Pressure

Over one hundred million Americans struggle with high blood pressure or hypertension in the US today.

It stands as one of the most prevalent conditions affecting Americans however it is completely manageable and even preventable.

Most know that choices in diet and lifestyle are instrumental in developing hypertension and cardiovascular disease however few choose the preventative approach.

Those already with the diagnosis of high blood pressure often choose the daily pill rather than the lifestyle changes necessary to resolve the situation.

You probably know that diet, exercise, limiting inflammation and reducing stress go a long way in he prevention and management of high blood pressure.

Did you know that chiropractic can help as well?

Not only does the published research describe this, but many times in our practice we have seen normalization of blood pressure first hand with patients under chiropractic care.

It’s frequent that through a course of chiropractic care those with a previous diagnosis of high blood pressure and even medical management see those numbers drop into a normal range.

The reason for this has multiple factors.

On is that chiropractic help us shift out of a stress response and into a restful healing state.

This would provide a natural drop in blood pressure.

Another factor applies directly to upper cervical chiropractic that concerns itself with the top two bones in the neck, at the base of the skull, which are intimately related with the brain stem.

In the brain stem are the regions of the nervous system that regulate all of our autonomic functions, those that we do not have to think about.

These functions are countless and include blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, breathing, and of course healing.

When we have misalignment of the upper cervical spine, regulatory communication from the brain the body can be interrupted.

This is called a chiropractic subluxation.

Subluxation causes dis-regulation and dis-ease in the body.

It puts the body into an imbalance and often we grow into conditions or diseases all due to the dis-regulation of the nervous system.

Chiropractors specialize in detection and the specific and gentle adjustment of these misalignments contributing to neurologic dysfunction.

If you’d like to manage an existing condition or avoid developing one in the future, get checked by your local neurologic chiropractor.

They can help ensure your nervous system and body are functioning at their optimum potential.

The greatest benefits of chiropractic are the conditions a well adjusted person never grows into!

Photo and statistical credit: American Heart Association.

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