Staying Connected

Life is in the nerves!

The brain, through the spinal cord and nerves controls all functions in the body.

The nervous system keeps our heart beating and our lungs breathing.

It guides the digestion and absorption of food and the expulsion of waste.

It directs our sleep cycle, our blood pressure and our hormonal balance.

It receives all the sensory information from our environment (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) in order to determine the best adaptation for our body’s survival.

When these regulatory signals are interrupted, the body cannot properly adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stressors in an efficient way, placing the body in a state of dis-ease where it will eventually begin to break down under stress.

Chiropractic is all about locating these areas of interference, most often related to misalignments in the spine, and reconnecting the brain to the body with a gentle and specific adjustment.

When we facilitate a better connection between the brain and body through balancing the nervous system, great things happen!

People sleep, function, and feel better!

Often conditions people have grown into for months or years begin to show improvement as the body is given a chance to grow out of dis-ease and into health.

We see many things improve in many people in our office, from headaches to constipation, from babies and the elderly, from the athlete and the regular Jane.

Taking care of our spine and nervous system should be thought about just like diet or exercise.

Eating one salad never made anyone healthy.

Going to the gym once never got anyone fit.

These are lifestyle choices that work best with commitment over time.

The same is true for chiropractic.

While a single adjustment may get us started down that path towards wellness, consistency is the key for the best results!

Take care of your spine and nervous system like you take care of your teeth… every day with a deliberate routine!

Growing amounts of research support what chiropractors have known for over a century, human life is better with chiropractic care!

“Within the world of chiropractic care, a new stream of research is emerging that moves us further away from pain and symptoms, and more towards the affect of the chiropractic adjustment on brain and body. As we advance our understanding of the vertebral subluxation and what happens when we adjust, it becomes increasingly apparent that chiropractic care has the potential to reach far beyond the realms of the musculoskeletal. Many a chiropractor has long believed this, but in a world where research is currency, the evidence bank matters greatly.”

One of the studies discussed in the paper referenced below measured increased muscle function after spinal adjustments, this is a great representation of an improved brain – body connection!

Chiropractic Care Shortens The Cortical Silent Period

Published by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation

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