What Pillow Should I Sleep On?

What Pillow Should I Sleep On?

We get asked all the time by patients what type of pillow they should be sleeping on through the night.

Of course the position we sleep in is very important in this conversation.

Ideally we are sleeping on our back or on our side, as this puts the least amount of stress on the body.

We want to be using a pillow that supports our head and neck and a neutral position.

When we are on our side, the pillow should fill the space between the ear and the mattress, keeping the head level and the neck supported.

Sleeping on our back, the neck should be supported and the head should be able to rest back in neutral, not propped up into a flexed position (chin towards chest).

Maybe you’re one of the many people that use too many or too few pillows, or pillows without enough support, which keep you in an abnormal posture all night.

You might wake up with a neck or shoulder ache, headaches, or just feel unrested even though you’ve been in bed all night.

There could be multiple factors contributing to your waking up not feeling right, but it might be your pillow.

You may get better sleep if you were using a “cervical pillow.”

Cervical pillows are designed to keep your head and neck supported in a neutral position related to the rest of your spine and body.

Dr. Michelle, myself, and many of our patients love using the Proper Pillow, with whom we have no brand association, but love their products and swear by their pillows.

Proper Pillows are ideal for back or side sleepers looking for comfort and support through the night.

They also help our patients hold alignment from their adjustments longer, leading fewer office visits and better living.

If you’d like to discuss your sleeping situation, or get your hands on a proper pillow, feel free to reach out.

Proper pillow and other cervical pillows can easily be found through a quick google search or on amazon.

Dr. Taylor

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