Why You Should Be Practicing Preventative Healthcare

Why You Should Be Practicing Preventative Healthcare

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease.”

-Dr. BJ Palmer

This is rooted in a pretty simple idea that if we apply correctly can have huge long term benefits on our overall quality of life.

Oftentimes it’s easy to get caught up in our hectic day to day and not make time for our health.

I see this frequently with people that start care in our office. 

By the time a problem is consistently causing symptoms and other issues, that problem has likely been there for a long time.

Just like a cavity in our tooth has developed over time before it actually gives us pain, the body takes time to grow into issues and grow into wellness. 

Even with acute injuries, it’s often easy to identify functional issues in the body or compensations that could have made that injury more likely in the first place.

The point here is that no definition of health includes the absence of symptoms. 

Having a body that is symptom free and a body that is functioning optimally are two different things.

In our office we care for your spine and nervous system, the lifeline of the body.

We like to make sure your spine is in not only symptom free, but in optimal shape, because the quality of your spine and nervous system are directly proportional to your quality of life.

If you’d like to dig a bit deeper, enjoy the video above.

Take care!

-Dr. Taylor 

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